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Exude timeless elegance with our latest collection of Mary Jane shoes for women at Sam Edelman. Whether you're seeking the classic charm of heeled Mary Janes or the laid-back sophistication of flat Mary Janes, our selection offers versatility and style for every occasion. Discover the iconic Michaela Mary Jane, adorned with subtle studs or gem details, elevating your look with a touch of chic flair.


Indulge in the comfort and trendiness of our Mary Jane shoes, meticulously designed to complement your unique sense of style. From sleek and polished leather mary janes to playful metallic mary jane ballet flats, each pair seamlessly blends contemporary design with unmatched comfort. Embrace the latest runway trends as you step out in our collection of Mary Jane shoes, perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.


Experience the epitome of sophistication with our collection of Mary Jane shoes, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the modern woman. Whether you're seeking a statement piece or a minimalist silhouette, our Mary Janes effortlessly combine classic charm with modern fashion. Elevate your look with the perfect blend of comfort and style, shop women’s Mary Janes at Sam Edelman.


From Preppy to Punk: How to Style Mary Janes:

Mary Jane shoes have found a home in so many style scenes it’s hard to keep track. Wherever you go, you’re likely to see the iconic Mary Jane shoes.
Here’s a couple ways you can incorporate them into your wardrobe: 
  1. Preppy and Poised: Mary Jane shoes are reminiscent of ivy-covered stone buildings and brisk strolls. Opt for a pair of black Mary Jane shoes or even some Mary Jane shoe heels and pair with some sleek trousers, a crisp blazer, and a classic white t-shirt for a look that’s respectable and stylish. 
  2. Punk and Proud: Pay homage to the rock and roll scene that gave Mary Janes a second life. For this look, you’ll want to pick up platform Mary Jane shoes or black Mary Jane shoes for a bold look that doesn’t play by the rules. Pair with bright socks, a pair of well-loved jeans, and your favorite band t-shirt for an effortless ensemble.