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How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Big Day All you need is the perfect pair of wedding shoes to say “I do” and start the beginning of the rest of your life. No pressure at all. Don’t worry—we’re here to help.

  1. Be Honest - Before you start trying on every pair of wedding heels in sight, be really honest with yourself about what you want. Is it top priority to find a pair of comfortable wedding shoes? Or do you want something totally dramatic? Think about how you want to feel on the big day and go from there.
  2. Go Bold - Even if you do want to be comfy, the time is now to make a style statement. Maybe for you that means silver wedding shoes or even block heel wedding shoes. A little unconventional whimsy will go a long way. When you look back on photos, you’ll be happy you took a chance.
  3. Trust Yourself - At the end of the day, this is your moment. Don’t let anyone tell you which kind of bridal heels to buy or what kind of dress to wear. Trust your instincts and enjoy the event you’ve spent so long planning.

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