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Shop Heeled Mules and Mule Heels for Women


Discover heightened elegance with Sam Edelman's latest collection of women's heeled mules. Our selection seamlessly marries style and sophistication, offering a modern twist on heeled mules that takes style to a new level. Explore the chic versatility of our heeled mules for women, ranging from delicate kitten heel mules to the bold statement of high heel mules. Make an entrance with the timeless appeal of black mules heels or add a touch of glamour with gold mule heels.. with a variety of different colors and materials available, we’ve made it easy to find your new favorite pair of mules!


Uncover the modern charm of block heel mules, designed to complement any outfit from a dressed up blazer and pants combo to a chic skirt or floral dress. Sam Edelman invites you to explore our collection of heeled mules today, where each pair is crafted for both comfort and fashion, ensuring every step you take is showcasing your unique style and confidence. Redefine your look with heeled mules by Sam Edelman that seamlessly transition from casual to chic!


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