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These style staples can be a little tricky. Here are 3 ways to style women's loafers and get the look right:


  1. Lean Into Menswear: Penny loafers got their start among the suits of menswear, and that’s still where they still feel right at home. Pair these with a vintage blazer or your favorite matching set for a look that pays homage while still being totally modern.
  2. Lighten Them Up: Go with a pair of platform loafers for a heavier look, and then do the opposite with the rest of your fit. The contrast of heavy and light adds interest to your look while staying accessible and comfortable.
  3. Don’t Overthink It: Loafers have stood the test of style time for a reason. They’re always cute, classic, and comfy. Don’t overthink the small stuff. Just throw them on and head out the door because you really can’t go wrong.


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