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Shop Square Toe Boots for Women


This ain’t your first rodeo, and it’s not ours either. Square toe boots are a staple in fashion history and present-day styling—and with good reason. This style of cowboy boots (sometimes called Western boots) references classic Americana while always carrying the idea of exploration and forward-thinking. Wear them with a sundress to make your country cowgirl dreams come true or pair them with some dark jeans and a long coat for an effortless look fit for the city. A piece of fashion history this iconic won’t be going out of style anytime soon. If you’re on the fence about these, hop back on the horse and grab a pair. 


Take your boot lineup to a whole new level with fresh-feeling square toe boots. The perfect hybrid of pointed and angular toe boots, the dramatic square toe boot is sure to make a style statement. Refresh your boot lineup from the feet up with a classic pair of black square toe boots for fall, or dip a toe in western style with square toe cowboy boots. This cool alternative to the rounded boot does it all—not only do they look chic with all your wardrobe staples, but they’re comfortable enough for 24/7 wear.