How to Save Your Bridesmaid Look with Killer Shoes

Okay, so the dress your bestie chose isn’t the most flattering. And the hair and makeup moodboard she just sent you isn’t looking much better. But you can save any look with the right shoes. Here’s how:

  1. Go Metallic -  Bridesmaid shoes have a serious job. They must play nice with a color scheme you didn’t choose and keep you comfy all night long. No matter what the wedding colors, you can’t go wrong with metallics. Silver bridesmaid shoes or even gold bridesmaid shoes will add some shine to your look without causing any clashing. 
  2. Take a Chance - Comfortable bridesmaid shoes are absolutely important, but don’t forget that today is also a big event. That means you have a little more fashion leeway. Try something you wouldn’t normally wear, like a flared heel or strappy detail.
  3. Enjoy the Ride - Don’t stress about it too much. Being there for your friend’s big day is the main priority. No matter what you end up choosing, staying calm and supportive will make you star of the show.